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Subscarpal Fat Resection during a Tummy Tuck: The key to a better contour

By: Dr. Robert J. Paresi Jr.


A tummy tuck involves the resection of the lower abdominal tissue excess usually from the belly button down to the pubic area.  A very low incision allows for lower placement of the scar leading to a more aesthetic result and an adequate amount of distance between the incision and the new belly button.  The excess fat of a tummy tuck is located in two planes; just beneath the skin, and below the superficial fascia layer (Scarpa’s fascia).  As we gain weight, we often gain fat in the layer below Scarpa’s fascia.  This layer can be directly excised at time of a tummy tuck to improve the result and give more contour to the mid and upper abdomen.

Figure 1.     Intraoperative view of the resected tissue from a tummy tuck.  Notice the additional fat resected above the area of the skin which is the additional subscarpal fat.  This results in a flatter tummy and better overall result.

Figure 1

Figure 2.   Before photo of a 36 year-old female who was undergoing a tummy tuck with resection of the central and upper subscarpal fat.

Fig 2

Figure 3.  After photo of a 36 year-old female who had a tummy tuck with resection of the subscarpal fat.  Notice the significant improvement in contour and the flat abdomen on profile view.

Fig 3
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