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About Microblading

Brows are often an underutilized beauty option, but they can create one of the most dramatic improvements to your face. A gorgeous brow that is shaped properly, filled in, and of color that is complementary to your overall look can sometimes create a mini-facelift because of how it can transform your look. Two shapely and properly groomed eyebrows will enhance and define your eyes and now, microblading can assist with this process. For those who have sparse or thin eyebrows due to overplucking, genetics, aging, or other reasons, microblading at Dr. Robert J. Paresi, Jr. M.D. is a cosmetic procedure that can help you get beautiful eyebrows that look natural. This treatment is performed with semi-permanent ink and a skilled technician who can fill in and define or rebuild your eyebrows. We offer microblading for Downers Grove, IL patients who would like defined, natural-looking brows. Schedule an initial consultation at our office to find out more about the microblading process and to get your personalized plan.

Ideal Candidates

A microblading treatment is a good choice for women and men in the Downers Grove, IL area who would like a more defined or fuller appearance for their brows that can last years while looking natural. Most clients at our office who try microblading usually have weak brows that need to appear thicker or have specific areas that need to be filled in. Eyebrows with bald spots or thin areas can be caused by scars, genetics, overplucking, injuries, aging, and nutritional deficiencies. Compared to cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows, microblading gives you a natural-looking result, using feathered strokes, which provides total coverage or just filling in certain sections of your eyebrows. Microblading may also be used to create more curve to the eyebrows for a different shape. The best candidates are in good general health, not pregnant, and don't have high blood sugar levels since this can affect the healing process.

Procedure Technique

Prior to your microblading procedure, you will have an initial consultation to examine the appearance of your brows. Depending on the state of your brows combined with your cosmetic goals, a unique plan of treatment will be crafted for your microblading procedure. The session will be completed in our minor procedures room with a local anesthesia or numbing cream to limit any discomfort. Based on how much treatment is being done, the microblading procedure can last from an estimated 1 – 3 hours. To begin the procedure, your brows will be combed and trimmed as needed. Next, the shape will be drawn with pencil and precisely measured so that they are symmetric and proportionate to your natural facial features. This "sketch" used with removable cosmetic ink will act as a border for where the microblading will be performed. We use professional-quality cosmetic inks combined with a skilled technician to give you thin, natural-looking ink strokes that look like separate hair follicles and mimic the look of real brows for gorgeous, outstanding results.

What to Expect

Right after your microblading session, you are able to leave our office and perform normal activities without any downtime needed. You may have some redness around the brows; however, this normally goes away in a few hours. Your brows may appear darker immediately after your treatment, but they will lighten to your goal color in around two weeks. It is very important that the brows remain moist with ointment given by our staff during the initial healing process. About a month after the first treatment session, patients will return for their touch-up appointment. This appointment is very exciting for our clients as it finalizes and perfects the initial results. Microblading results, on average, last around a full year. Additional sessions may be performed as needed to keep the appearance of your brows looking fresh and beautiful.

Well-Defined Eyebrows

You don't have to use makeup pencils to define and fill in your brows anymore when you undergo microblading at Dr. Robert J. Paresi, Jr. M.D. in Downers Grove, IL. We offer beautiful, long-lasting improvements with this semi-permanent technique to shape and define your brows. With personalized microblading sessions, you can get shapely brows that complement your eyes, save you time during your makeup routine, and offer that amazing "wow" factor you have been looking for. Contact us today for more information.

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