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While more people are vigilant about using sunscreen and skin care products on their face, they often forget to care for their hands. One of the first places to show the signs of aging is the hands with prominent veins, wrinkled and thin skin, age spots, uneven tone, and a rough texture. Hand rejuvenation at Dr. Paresi of Dr. Robert J Paresi, Jr. MD in Chicago is used to restore the youthful appearance of the hands using fat injections and laser skin resurfacing. The fat transfer removes excess fat from an area of the patient's body and then re-injects the purified fat into areas of the hands that have lost volume. Laser skin resurfacing can address lines, wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, and age spots. Schedule a consultation with plastic surgeons Dr. Robert Paresi to learn more about hand rejuvenation.

Procedure Technique

If fat transfer is used, the surgeon will make minimal incisions to remove the fat from an area of the body. After the fat is removed, it is carefully purified and put in syringes so it can be added into areas of the hand that have age-related volume loss. Laser skin resurfacing is typically quick with the eyes protected as the laser is passed over the hands. 

During/After The Procedure

A fat transfer is usually performed with the patient under local anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility as an outpatient procedure. The length of the procedure will depend on the amount of fat being removed and transferred. Laser skin resurfacing can be performed in the minor procedures room without anesthesia. The surgeon will talk to each patient about what to expect after their hand rejuvenation procedure, including how to care for their hands, signs to watch for, and when to follow up.

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Hand Rejuvenation FAQs

Seeing Results?

The results of hand rejuvenation through fat transfer can usually be seen immediately, although patients will need to wait until the swelling is gone and the fat has settled into its final position before they see their final results. Laser skin resurfacing will show some results right away, but the patient will continue to see improvement as the outer layer of skin sheds and a new, healthy layer of skin appears.

Recovery Time Frame?

Patients may have some bruising, inflammation, and redness in their hands for the first two weeks after their procedure, but the final results can usually be seen in 2 – 8 weeks. Patients can talk to their surgeon about other treatments if they want more dramatic results.

Maintaining Results?

After a hand rejuvenation procedure, patients are encouraged to start a hand care regimen that includes daily sunscreen applications to protect the results. Patients should also keep their hands well-hydrated with a high-quality moisturizer. Gloves are also recommended to keep the hands protected during the winter.

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