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How to create an attractive belly button in a tummy tuck

By: Dr. Robert J. Paresi Jr.


For many patients undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, the belly button will be the most visible part of their procedure.  The appearance of the belly button after a tummy tuck can make or break the aesthetic result of the procedure.  A youthful belly button is an ‘innie’ or retracted, usually has some hooding (overhanging tissue on the upper aspect), and is relatively small.  Most patients can cover up their tummy tuck scar with appropriate clothing and a well placed scar but it is impossible to cover up the belly button.  This necessitates a good belly button scar to get an attractive aesthetic result.  

The keys to getting an attractive tummy tuck are; using a very small part of the belly button skin when reconstructing the belly button, using an inferior triangular skin flap to break up the circular scar of the residual belly button skin and create some superior hooding, and shorten the umbilical stalk and tack the stalk when needed to create a retracted belly button.  Using these techniques we can create a natural, youthful belly button which is retracted with camouflaged scars.

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