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This is a comprehensive, non-surgical procedure that helps the body regulate itself naturally. Hormones represent the control panel of the human body.

As we age, our hormone levels decline or fluctuate. The best way to Restore energy, a Sharp mind, and a Strong, full functioning body is by balancing hormones. BHRT can help return the body to its optimal level of performance.


GAINSWave is the premium brand in the field of shockwave therapy, designed to address erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and optimzie sexual performance. This treatment is administered by a nationwide network of highly trained medical providers.

GAINSWave stands out as an effective option because it targets the underlying cause of many penile issues – poor blood flow. The treatment is completely natural, non-invasive, drug-free, and provides long-term results for patients.

Injectables for Men

Botox® - Dysport -Xeomin -Daxxify are FDA-approved neuromodulator treatments designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and more. These injectables are designed to relax the muscles beneath the skin’s surface, and effectively helps smooth the surface of the skin.

Jawline Augmentation and Sagging Skin

For many men, the loss of volume that occurs naturally as we age can be a major contributor to signs of aging—especially around the nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks, under eyes, and jawline. Dermal fillers can be used to simulate the skin’s natural volume, allowing your skin to return to its original position and produce a more youthful appearance.

There are many types of dermal fillers that can improve your skin’s overall health and appearance, and dermal fillers can be used to deliver immediate results that can enhance your jawline with little to no downtime.

Stimulating Hair Growth

For anyone interested in stimulating hair growth, Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Hair Restoration treatments. This treatment combines skin resurfacing with the application of blood-derived growth factors to stimulate cell growth, repair damaged tissue, promote collagen and healthy cell production. Often used to treat concerns like skin texture, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and stretch marks, studies show that PRP can also be used to increase hair growth, thickness, and root strength.

Men’s Face and Body

Tox for Excessive Sweating

If you’re looking for a simple way to eliminate unwanted sweating, Tox is used to treat Hyperhidrosis.


Chemical Peels for Acne and Premature Aging

Another popular treatment option for men with thicker, more oily skin is the chemical peel, especially the salicylic peel. Chemical peels increase cell turnover rates, which can address various common skin concerns including premature aging, acne due to male hormones or high bacteria levels, and more.

Microneedling for Men to Improve Overall Skin Tone & Texture

Another popular procedure for men looking to improve their skin’s overall tone and texture, microneedling is a safe and highly effective treatment that can help increase cell renewal, promote collagen and elastin production, and deliver anti-aging benefits with minimal downtime.

If you’re looking for the best esthetician look no further!!!! Tanya is absolutely amazing, she is the skin Doctor! I’ve been coming to Tanya for years. I’ve followed her as she’s made transitions in her career. What I like the most about Tanya is she’s a wealth of knowledge. She will walk you through her treatment plan and educate you in the process. Tanya is personable, professional and she cares about your skin. My skin is so much better because of Tanya she is truly a treat!

J.D. Google

I recently had a breast reduction surgery with Dr. Paresi and I couldn't be happier with the results! Dr. Paresi was attentive, taking the time to listen to my questions and provide thorough answers. The recovery process was smooth, with minimal scarring and no drains. I highly recommend Dr. Paresi for anyone considering breast reduction surgery. Thank you, Dr. Paresi, for your expertise and excellent care!

T.R. Google

Dr. Paresi is the best plastic surgeon in Chicago Illinois. He truly cares about his patients and their wellbeing; specially with Crisalex 3D system . You can see exactly what you will look like after surgery. It’s AMAZING! Don’t hesitate to come with him; I’m at a loss of words to express the skills of Dr. Paresi. He is the absolute BEST! As do his assistants since the moment you walk into his office. I wish I could give him 10 Stars. Maria Tenorio

M.T. Google

I had two procedures done with Dr. Paresi earlier this year and I truly could not be happier. I had done extensive research and even went to another consultation with a different doctor before going to Dr.Paresi. The first place I went to for a consult had terrible customer service, acted as if they were doing me a favor, and were completely dismissive of all my questions and concerns. Dr. Paresi and his staff were a complete 180. From start to finish they took such amazing care of me. From answering every single question I had before and after surgery to taking so much accountability in ensuring I was set up for success for surgery and post surgery, they truly care about their patient's well-being. Their process is amazing and you really feel like you don't have anything to worry about because they are always a call or email away. Susanna, Carrie, and Nerina are all fantastic and will really do everything they can to make you feel so welcomed and reassured. My results are fantastic so far and I'm healing every day. I would recommend Dr.Paresi to everyone because you truly will have the best experience.

A. Google

Tanya is the master aesthetician in the field! I’ve been seeing Tanya for 6+ years. She is incredibly knowledgeable and educates me in the right direction for my skincare. I always look forward to seeing her and my skin is always glowing afterwards.

B.A. Google


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