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The “Mommy Makeover”: Is It Right For You?

By: Dr. Robert J. Paresi Jr.


By Denise Freese

Having a baby is both a joy and a miracle.  The way a woman’s body adapts to carrying a child for nine months is amazing; but after the delivery, many find that their body doesn’t return to its pre-pregnancy shape.  Most affected are the breasts and the abdominal area; breastfeeding and hormonal changes can lead to a loss of volume and a change in position of the breasts, and the abdominal area can experience a separation of muscles and creation of stretch marks, and can carry extra fat in areas that make it difficult to tone and tighten.

One choice that women have is to get a “Mommy Makeover”.  This cosmetic procedure consists of a breast lift or augmentation and a tummy tuck, with both being performed during a single surgery.  Breast enhancement, whether through augmentation with implants or a breast lift, will restore the shape, size, and firmness of the breasts.  Some patients opt for fat injections to the breasts, which results in a smaller increase in size, but adds volume and shape.

A tummy tuck restores firmness to the stomach by tightening the muscles, and removes any loose skin.  The procedure helps eliminate residual stretch marks, and repairs the anatomical changes to the abdominal wall that causes muscle separation.  In less severe cases, liposuction can be used to remove fat, but to eliminate a lot of excess skin and stretch marks, the tummy tuck is the best option.

Dr. Robert Paresi, Jr., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, performs “mommy makeovers” for patients seeking a restoration of their pre-pregnancy bodies.  “It’s best to wait until 6 months to a year after delivery before getting a “mommy makeover”,” said Dr. Paresi.  “Changes in the body need to be resolved in order to achieve the best possible outcome from the procedure.”

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