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Technique for hiding a facelift scar

By: Dr. Robert J. Paresi Jr.


One of the telltale signs in a patient who has had a facelift is the presence of a pretragal incision.  This is often visible in front of the ear. Another sign is displacement of the earlobe which is pulled forward and down leading to more visibility of the scar.  This is often called a ‘pixie ear’. In this video, we demonstrate our technique for camouflaging our facelift scars to lessen their visibility. This is demonstrated in our before and after photos on our website .    To lessen the visibility of the facelift scar, we first start with a zig-zag incision in the temporal hairline in the direction of the hair shafts to spare the hair allowing it to later grow through the incision site.  Next, we use a retrotragal incision which hides on the crease of the tragus (the prominent cartilage on the front part of the ear). Lastly, we place a pexy suture in the earlobe which prevents later displacement of the earlobe, or ‘pixie ear’.  The combination of these techniques leads to a more aesthetically pleasing, less visible, facelift scar.

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