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Correcting the Infrabrow Volume Loss with Autologous Fat Grafting

By: Dr. Robert J. Paresi Jr.


As we age, we lose facial volume.  One of the first sites of volume loss is in the infrabrow area, above the upper eyelids.  Patients will often complain of skin excess of the upper eyelids when one of the contributing factors is loss of volume of the infrabrow area.  Notice in the above photo that the patient has a deep hollow on the inner aspect of her upper eyelids.  This makes the skin excess of the upper eyelids look worse.  The best treatment for this is microfat grafting that is injected under local anesthesia to fill out the infrabrow deficit.  The fat is often taken from around the belly button.  This is a local procedure that results in long lasting correction of the volume deficit with the patient's own fat.  

Infrabrow volume loss in a 36

This is a 36 year-old female who noted that her upper eyelids were more empty that they were five years prior. Notice the volume deficiency on the me

Microfat grafting to infrabrow

This is the same patient as above two months after microfat grafting to the infrabrow area under local anesthesia. Notice the fullness of the infrabr

Left upper eyelid volume defic

This is a 43 -year-old female who had bilateral upper blepharoplasties by another surgeon and developed a volume deficiency and asymmetry of the left

Restoration of upper eyelid sy

This is the above 43 -year-old female after treatment of the volume deficiency of bilateral infrabrow areas with microfat grafting to both sides, left

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