Dr. Robert J Paresi, Jr. MD

Surgical Suite - Downers Grove

About Our Surgical Site

Our Chicago plastic surgery practice features four accredited, on-site operating rooms. This is a huge advantage and luxury we offer to our patients, as all surgical procedures take place right on-site at our Downers Grove facility. It is here that our experiened surgeons, with the assistance of highly trained and dedicated surgical staff perform all of our procedures, both cosmetic and reconstructive. Our patients can be assured that our facility meets the highest medical standards through state-of-the-art technology and model safety and quality specifications. Our operating rooms offer our patients complete privacy as they prepare for, and undergo surgery. We are extremely proud of our surgical center and spare no expense to ensure that it meets every expectation and standard as set forth by our state. It allows our physicans to have complete control over the surgical process and overall patient experience.