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Keller Funnel for Placement of Breast Implants Using a ‘No Touch’ Technique

By: Dr. Robert J. Paresi Jr.


Use of a Keller Funnel for Placement of Breast Implants Using a ‘No Touch’ Technique

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the world. This involves placement of a breast implant which is filled with saline or silicone. Two of the most common complications of breast augmentation surgery are: infection of the breast implant and capsular contracture. 

In both cases, the cause is related to contamination of the breast implant. Anything that the operating surgeon can do to eliminate contamination of the breast implant at the time of surgery reduces the risk of these complications. We routinely use a triple antibiotic solution to irrigate the implant and breast pocket at the time of surgery to reduce the contamination risk. 

We also use a Keller Funnel which is a plastic funnel that the implant is placed into for delivery into the breast pocket. Use of the Keller Funnel and a ‘No Touch” technique eliminates any touching or manipulation of the implant by the operating surgeon. The implant goes directly from the sterile packaging into the funnel and then into the patient without the surgeon touching it. In many cases, the use of the Keller Funnel also allows for a smaller incision for placement of the implant.

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