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Treatment of facial fracture in 23 year-old Chicago male in Downers Grove, IL*

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This is a 23 year-old male who was struck by a softball in the left eye sustaining a left zygomatico-maxillary complex (ZMC) fracture. The patient complained of some double vision. The patient was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, IL and treated with an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) of the facial fractures (left cheek bone). An alloplastic implant was placed to correct an orbital floor blowout fracture. The patient developed a postoperative traumatic enopthalmos about 4 weeks after the surgery with recurrent double vision. A postoperative CT scan revealed displacement of the orbital floor plate and herniated orbital contents into the left maxillary sinus. The patient was brought back to the operating room for a left orbital floor split calvarial bone graft to correct the defect and correct the enopthalmos. He had an uneventful postoperative course with complete resolution of his symptoms.

Front View

Before Straight

Before Up

Side View

Before Left

Before Right

Side View

Before Left

Before Right

Pre-Op CT Scan

Before 1

Before 2

Pre-Op CT Scan

Before 3

Before 4

4-Weeks Post-Op CT Scan

After 3

After 4

Postoperative Left Enopthalmos

Split Calvarial Bone Graft



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