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Breast Augmentation in a 43 year old Chicago area female in Downers Grove, IL*

Procedure Details

This is a 43 year-old female with a history of five pregnancies with breast feeding who presented with breasts that deflated after breast feeding. She wanted to have C cup breasts like she was while breast feeding. The patient did sizing in the office and decided on Mentor Smooth Round High Profile 400 ccs Silicone Breast Implants. Given the lower position of her nipple areolas we decided on a periareolar lift which would reposition the nipple to the right position on the breast. We decided on a submuscular position of the implant due to the lack of breast tissue in the upper part of her breasts. The patient had the surgery under general anesthesia at our JCAHO accredited facility in Downers Grove, IL. A Keller funnel was used for placement of the implant to avoid contamination and Exparel was injected around the breasts for postoperative pain control. The patient had an uneventful postoperative course and was very happy with her results at 3 months.

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