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Gynecomastia treated with excision and Smartlipo in Downers Grove, IL*

Procedure Details

This 30 year-old male presented to the office with complaints of gynecomastia (man boobs) which did not improve with diet and exercise. He reported that the appearance worsened with working out. On exam he had a palpable central breast mound and a feminine appearing round prominent nipple areolar complex. We recommended excision of the gynecomastia via a periareolar incision and use of a Smartlipo laser liposuction device to contour the entire chest. We treated him under local tumescent anesthesia via a periareolar incision to excise the breast tissue. A central breast mound was excised. The patient was placed in a compression garment after the procedure. He tolerated the procedure well and has a long lasting result at one year postop.

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