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53 year-old Chicago area mother with Tummy Tuck in Downers Grove, IL*

Procedure Details

This is a 53 year-old female, mother of two, who had a muscle bulge and skin excess after previous pregnancies. She was unable to regain her pre-pregnancy form despite diet and exercise. Her main complaints were her excess skin with stretch marks on the lower abdomen, and her muscle separation which prevented her from regaining her flat tummy. We recommended a drainless tummy tuck and liposuction of her waist to restore her pre-pregnancy shape. She had her surgery at our JCAHO-accredited facility in Downers Grove, IL under general anesthesia. She had a drainless tummy tuck using Quill progressive tension quilting sutures to eliminate the need for drains. We used Exparel for injection of the abdominal wall intraoperatively to reduce postoperative pain and the need for narcotics. She had liposuction of her waist using a Micro-Aire power-assisted liposuction (PAL) machine. At 6 weeks, she had an excellent improvement in contour and waistline with a normal appearing belly button (umbilicus).

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